The code template for beginners

Light, bright and clear

light-html is an easy to access template that includes minimal files and code to get you up and coding your own webpage in HTML, CSS & JavaScript. It is intended as a resource for coding beginners and teachers.

HTML + CSS Template

HTML + CSS + JS Template


The template contains one HTML, CSS and JavaScript file that are linked up and ready to go.

Ready to use

All you need to do is download and unzip the template! Then you can start coding straight from the unzipped folder.

No confusion

This template has been stripped back to the very basics, so there's no confusion and distraction with excess code and files.

Who can use light-html?

Anyone can use light-html! It may be particularly useful if:

Why light-html?

Learning to code is challenging and can be overwhelming at times. When first learning to code, I was introduced to online templates by class instructors. I had no prior knowledge of coding and found it distracting and confusing with the amount of code and unknown files that were already included in the boilerplate.

Now teaching HTML, CSS and JavaScript to students of all ages, I see them witness the same thing. So here is a quick and easy to use boilerplate you can download to start yourself or others off on a coding journey!